The importance of Ki in Shiatsu

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How energy moves within us and in every living being

Ki in Japanese or Chi in Chinese is a key element in Eastern Philosophy. Ki is the essential life force energy that lives in all living beings. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as in Shiatsu, the flow of Ki is very important to being healthy and in harmony with our surroundings. If the flow of Ki is blocked or not in balance, then we get sick or are in discomfort.

The importance of Ki in Shiatsu

In shiatsu, the life force energy that moves in the universe also moves within us along the main energy channels called meridians. We have 12 main meridians and each one is associated with an organ and/or bodily function. There are Yang meridians and there are Yin meridians. In eastern philosophy the concept of Yin and Yang is very present. Every aspect of life and the universe is in constant flow within these two existing poles that are different from each other but are also complementary to one another. They work together to maintain a universal balance. For example, day and night, white or black, etc. In shiatsu, it is important to maintain this balance of energy in our bodies and to be in harmony with our environment. Shiatsu tries to balance these energies by balancing the meridians. 


Let the life force energy flow freely and in harmony with the universe!

Everything is connected!