Earth Element in Shiatsu and TCM

Earth, Shovel, Shiatsu

The Earth element in Shiatsu and TCM represents the transitioning period between the seasons:

The Earth element has the characteristic of harmonising and centering. It helps you be in balance and to help you keep your feet strong on the ground. It is an element that is there to support you in times of transition. 


Late summer is the season that is normally attributed to this element in Shiatsu and TCM although the Earth element corresponds to all the transitioning periods of each season. It helps transition from spring to summer, from summer to fall, and so forth. Late summer is the time of harvest and of fertility. It is the time to enjoy the fullness and fruits of your efforts. A time of transition from the moving yang-energy of the summer to the more subtle and introverted yin-energy of autumn. 


A shiatsu treatment with focus on the earth element is a good way to harmonise your energy and bring you back to balance. It reinforces our stability and helps us be more grounded.