Shiatsu massage therapy

Shiatsu is a healing massage therapy that originated in Japan. This type of therapeutic treatment developed from the Chinese Tui Na massage and is based on the meridian and 5-elements-system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The treatment comprises acupressure, joint mobilisation and stretching. Shiatsu can help you listen to your needs and give you more awareness of what is happening inside your body at a mental and physical level. Learn to listen to yourself and connect with the life force energy (Ki in Japanese). Bring the energy to a flow and release blockages or tensions in your body. In asian traditional medicine, it is believed that the body has the great ability to heal itself if given the right environment and freedom to do so. Give your body a chance to self heal and bring you into a more balanced lifestyle. Ease your mind from everyday stress and troubles and give yourself space. Allow yourself to be present for a deeper connection. 


There are 12 main meridians (energy pathways) in the body that correspond to an organ and each have distinct characteristics. Each paired meridian also corresponds to an element in Shiatsu. For example, the Liver and Gallbladder meridians fall under the Wood element. Each meridian is also either Yin or Yang and in Shiatsu we try to balance these energies for a better flow enabling the body to heal with more ease. It is when there are blockages or congestion of energy that we feel discomfort or get ill. Shiatsu brings movement of energy and awareness for healing. When receiving Shiatsu at a regular basis, it can be preventive and help your immune system to be more responsive. Regular treatments are very beneficial for overall health!

face with healing hands in shiatsu treatment

       Shiatsu is helpful for :

  • stress reduction
  • anxiety relief
  • relaxation / letting go
  • immune response
  • depression
  • burnout
  • sleep disorders
  • joint / muscle stiffness
  • chronic pain
  • support while and after pregnancy
  • menopause
  • mental and emotional problems - can help as a supportive therapy while undergoing psychotherapy
  • As every person is unique, so will each treatment be unique. With every encounter we learn more of one another enabling a positive development.

The Shiatsu treatment

While I give a Shiatsu treatment, I use my body weight dynamically so that a deeper connection can occur. This type of therapy enables a dialog and an exchange of energy. The receiver (client) lies down on a soft futon on the floor and is fully clothed. The pressure is adjusted to meet the receiver’s needs and wishes. Depending on the necessity, I use either fingers, hands, elbows, underarms and sometimes feet to apply pressure and this way regulate the degree of pressure. Thus, the massage can either be very subtle or deep. This way tenseness and blockages can dissolve and the body can relax and let go. You learn to be more aware of your body and to move in a more intuitive manner throughout your daily life. 

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