Personalised Online Shiatsu Coaching - 60€!

Stones stacked on top of each other in meditative balance

It can be difficult to find tranquility and inner balance in these times of pandemic. Targeted Shiatsu can help. Shiatsu can also help you with physical/mental issues as well as help you achieve more happiness and satisfaction in your life.


My new personalised online Shiatsu coaching aims to give you concrete help on how you can better achieve the goals you would like to achieve: be it balance, greater resilience, the alleviation of physical or mental issues or just more serenity in your everyday life.


Your individual Shiatsu online coaching will take around 50 minutes and will take place online via video call. In advance, I would need some information from you, for example: what you would like to treat, what goals you have and what you want to improve. Information about previous or current illnesses/issues are also necessary. You can write these in the "Kommentar" section when booking. On this basis, I will then work out your personal Shiatsu plan and specific measures that will help you in your particular situation.


In the coaching session, I will go through the specific recommendations and tips with you step by step. You will get to know Shiatsu pressure points that you can then use on yourself. In addition, you will receive nutrition tips relevant to your situation if necessary and special stretching exercises that can be helpful in achieving your goals.


Use the power of Shiatsu for you and book an appointment today!

appointment schedule:

Monday: 17:00

Wednesday: 10:00 / 11:00

Thursday: 17:00


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