Shiatsu for pregnant women

Shiatsu massage can help pregnant women in many ways. It can help bring your energy into balance and to focus on your body and child. It gives you more awareness of what is happening inside the womb and how you can connect at a deeper level. Shiatsu enables you to resonate with your energy life force (Ki in Japanese) and thus to help you listen to your needs with more awareness. During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes both mentally and physically and shiatsu can help you cope with these changes in a more intuitive manner. 


Shiatsu brings you back into your body and helps you be more present in everyday life. 

Pregnant woman on the beach during sunset

Shiatsu during pregnancy

  • can help with relaxation enabling a more fluid pregnancy
  • can help to release areas of tension enabling more elasticity and movement
  • opens up the chest and lungs for a clearer and deeper breathing
  • reduces nausea and discomfort in the abdomen area
  • helps connect you with your child at a deeper level
  • moves energy flow promoting wellbeing and immune response
  • gives space for yourself and your child

Shiatsu after pregnancy

  • helps you reconnect with your body
  • enables space for healing and rebalancing after childbirth
  • can help you be more focused and grounded as a mother
  • gives you more trust and intuition for your new stage in life

The Shiatsu treatment during pregnancy

During the early stages of pregnancy, the Shiatsu treatment can still be given in a supine (lying on your back) position on the futon. As the pregnancy progresses, we will switch into a sideways position and / or sitting position as to not cause discomfort for you or the baby. The pressure applied is a more gentle pressure than usual. Working with stretches and opening techniques I will help you be more at ease with yourself and help you relax.

I will be happy to assist you during this time. Book an appointment today and get connected with your inner self!