The wood element in Shiatsu

The wood element in Shiatsu corresponds to spring. A time of growth and upward movement of energy. As we can see with the first signs of life in spring sprouting to reach the long awaited sun rays. New beginnings and rebirth are powerful associations with this element. Creativity and flexibility to think differently and open to new ideas. Fluid movement and change. The ability to make decisions and to carry these out with courage and determination. Self consciousness and presence to live out your dreams and visions. Planning for the future or for new projects in your life and making space for new. The wood element is like the tree that connects us to our roots and gives us branches to reach out into the future.

pine trees in the forrest with fog

The wood meridians - liver / gallbladder

The liver meridian is the yin quality of the wood element in Shiatsu. In traditional asian medicine, the liver enables a connection to the divine and universal. Through our dreams and visions we can connect to our subconscious and to our soul enabling spiritual growth and awareness. It is the visionary that gives us the energy to plan and to connect with our ancestors. It gives us clarity to see and stores and distributes energy for our bodily functions and helps with detoxification.


The Gallbladder meridian is the yang quality of the wood element and is more active. It is the decision maker and helps execute the dreams and visions. It helps to weigh out all the possibilities before making decisions and gives us the power to go through with them.

time of year : spring

direction : east

climate : wind

movement of energy : upwards - forwards

color : green

taste : sour

yin organ : liver

yang organ : gallbladder

relation to body : muscles - tendons

physical expression : fingernails

sense organ / characteristic : eyes - to see

emotion : anger - irritability

aspects : Hun : the eternal soul - visions - inspiration - creativity

time of day : 23:00 - 3:00

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