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I grew up in Guatemala, Central America and come from a German-Italian household. I had the fortune to grow up speaking four languages which enabled me to travel and live in different countries at ease. I studied Interior Design in Milan and I have always been interested in holistic design and living. I have been in Berlin since 2004.


My first contact with Shiatsu was at the beautiful lake Atitlán in Guatemala and I was immediately fascinated by it. I thus decided to pursue Shiatsu in a more professional manner and to study it with more depth. In Berlin, I completed the professional training and diploma program recognised by the German Shiatsu Society -  Gesellschaft für Shiatsu Deutschland. A holistic and natural approach to life is what I aim to achieve. 


I speak English, German, Spanish and Italian fluently. 

Additional training:

- Shiatsu for Computer Induced Pain - Pamela Ferguson

- Pain and Psychosomatics - Pamela Ferguson

- Element Cycle and Body Awareness - Ulrike Freund

- Pregnancy and Shiatsu - Anne Brugge

- Conscious Handling of LGBTQ in Shiatsu - Pamela Ferguson

- Andro- and Menopause - Pamela Ferguson

- Burn Out - Mike Mandl 


- Article about me and my work on  (in German)